Welcome to my website. Here you can find information about me, my work, and various social networks I frequent.

Im currently working as a 3D Artist at the Peerless Camera Company in London - where I've been lucky enough to been given the opportunity to work on some feature films with some very nice and talented people. I hope to have the work i have created on my showreel as soon as it is legally possible to.

I am aiming to keep this website up to date with my current work as often as i can manage.


View My CV (01/04/2009)(pdf)

View My Showreel (2008) (Quicktime h.264 - Large)

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus(2009)
Peerless Camera Company
Maya, Vue
Peerless Camera Company
"Plugged In"
Final Year Project at NCCA.
Houdini, Maya, Shake
Freelance Product Promotion for LinearGI.
See Animations section for more information.



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