Video Demo - 2 Clients connected to Server: 320x240 Quicktime H.264

I was first introduced to C and C++ Programming during my degree at Bournemouth University. I was suprised as to how quickly I took to it, as well as how much I enjoyed it. I decided to focus one of my final year projects (Innovations Project) on improving my programming skills. I had recently purchased a Nintendo DS, and was keen to see whether or not I could apply the skills and techniques I had learnt to program a Massively Multiplayer Online Game for the Nintendo DS.

Using a Linux PC, a Supercard DS One, devkitPro and dsWifi, I managed to sucessfully create the groundwork for a threaded client/server system .The video opposite shows 2 Nintendo DS's(clients) connected wirelessly to my home PC(server) using the socket API and C++. The connected clients are represented by the two white X's using OpenGL.

For more information about this project feel free to read the Project Report.

Im now looking to extend my programming skills, and have learnt some basic PHP, Actionscript, Javascript and will be looking into Python shortly.